Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in EU and China
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LinkTADs 1st Progress Meeting

As part of the management of the project, which is led by FAO, progress meetings are organized on a yearly basis, where all partners have the chance to:

  • review interim results;
  • facilitate the monitoring of the project, assess the status of each Work Package and decide on corrective actions if needed;
  • reinforce interactions;
  • discuss future activities;
  • discuss administrative and financial aspects of the project.

The 1st LinkTADs Progress Meeting was held on October 15-16 in Shanghai. The meeting was organized by Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute (SHVRI). It brought together all project partners in order to discuss the progress of the project in each Work Package. Work Package leaders delivered the presentations and all partners had a possibility to comment on the progress, clarify any outstanding issues and agree on future steps.

The specific objectives of the meeting were:

1) to validate the monitored work plan for month 7 to month 12; 

2) to agree on the work plan for month 13 to month 18; 

 3) to decide on the events to come in the coming 12 months. 

 All objectives were successfully achieved. Overall, after one year, the project is generally on the right track, with all major milestones and deliverables being achieved, and no major issues or obstacles identified. 

The main outcomes of the Progress Meeting include:

  • approval of the monitored M7-M12 Work Plan;
  • discussion of horizontal issues, such as management,  gender strategy and communication between partners,
  • adoption of the 6 months Work Plan (M13-M18),
  • approval of the updated event list,
  • minor modifications to the deliverable schedule in order to achieve our results more efficiently,
  • revision of budget allocations for certain events in order to save costs.

The next Progress Meeting, will be hosted by FAO IAEA in Vienna, Austria, in October 2015.


LinkTADs 1st Progress Meeting participants