Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in EU and China
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African swine fever (ASF) Policy Event “Lessons learnt from Europe and policy challenges for Asia"

Within the framework of LinkTADs, a policy-dialogue consultation meeting will take place in Beijing, China, on 17 November 2014. Given the continuous worsening of the situation and spread of ASF in Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharian Africa, there is a growing concern in Asia, with well over 50% of world’s pork production, about the potential incursion of such deadly pig disease. The meeting will aim to bring together policy makers from both EU and (East and Southeast) Asia to share their experiences, the current policy and policy challenges (e.g. ASF management in wild boar populations, contingency plans, ASF differential diagnosis and transboundary issues).

The participants/target audience will include the Veterinary Services from selected East and South-East Asian countries with significant pig populations; experts on ASF, pig sector and wild boar, European Union (EU) representatives; the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE); donors and other relevant stakeholders.

The main objectives of the event will be to:

1) Provide a structured platform for high-level policy dialogues;

2) Identify the main gaps related to ASF policy in East and South East Asia;

3) Develop a set of recommendations and follow-up strategy for East and South East Asia to develop their policy against ASF; 

4) Assess the possibility of launching new joint initiatives.