Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in EU and China

Laboratory Science

The objective of WP4 was to select, upgrade and/or implement cutting-edge diagnostic technologies for early and rapid detection of animal pathogens including zoonotic pathogens via collaboration between EU and Chinese laboratories to initiate the following:


Establish a network for collaboration between EU and Chinese laboratories

The major goals of the task were to establish a network for all laboratories involved in this project to exchange and discuss the diagnostic technologies for the targeted diseases. These goals werel be achieved through workshops, conferences, training and laboratory visits. As an outcome of the network, close collaboration on the targeted diseases between certain laboratories was established and strengthened. The role and the scope of applications of the advanced diagnostic technologies in the research and disease control areas, between the two partners, were clearly defined.

Identify and adopt the cutting-edge diagnostic technologies

The major goal of the task was to identify and adopt novel diagnostic technologies for selected infectious diseases. The collaborating laboratories (at least one from the EU and one from China)  were to first defin the major pathogens of common interest for both partners and adapt advanced diagnostic methods that were tested and implemented in both the EU and China. Exchange of experiences and achievements was introduced for the benefit of both partners via the exchange of laboratory personnel (scientific visits, fellowships, workshops, etc.).

Establish joint-research laboratories

Joint research laboratories refer to a mechanism to join existing multi institutional research efforts to investigate pathogens that are of animal (and/or zoonotic) importance for both partners.  The laboratories discussed the potential research areas on the major pathogens of interest. The laboratories were also encouraged to sign up an agreement in order to become a member of the joint research laboratories in China or EU.

Apply for other research projects 

There are several research programmes supporting international research collaboration in both the EU and China. Based on these programmes, and in compliance with the agreed research areas, the collaborating laboratories established a platform with key scientists or teams to jointly apply for future research projects from the EU, China or other sources.

Organize an industry meeting 

The major goal of the task was to introduce the achievements and the importance of the results (novel diagnostic technologies and vaccines) to the industry representatives. The meetings explored the potentials in applications of diagnostic technologies and vaccines.