Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in EU and China

Work Plan

A 36-month work plan was designed based on eight closely interrelated work packages (WP). The participation of different partners in the majority of WPs and the horizontal cross-WP nature of some WPs assured strong interaction and coordination between the partners.











In brief, LinkTADs included the following WPs:

WP1 - Management and coordination set up the basis for the project (e.g. gender strategy, advisory board, consortium agreement, etc) and ensured the smoothly day-to-day coordination of activities and the cooperation among partners over the project lifetime.

WP2 - Analysis of animal health and food security research laid the technical foundations of the project, by identifying the research areas where joint actions were needed and where the future activities of the project were best focussed. WP3 and WP4 built on its conclusions.

WP3 - Animal Health Science (Epidemiology) focussed on veterinary epidemiology, exchanging knowledge and fostering cooperation in priority areas/diseases.

WP4 - Animal Health Science (Laboratories), similar to WP3, WP4 focussed on diagnostic technologies for early and rapid detection of animal pathogens.

WP5 - Supporting policy dialogue provided the framework (which was fed by evidence from other WPs, especially WP3 and WP4) and supported international policy dialogue.

WP6 - Platform development provided all relevant information about the project, EU-China cooperation, as well as ongoing, past and future activities, and also generated the online community building exchange of experiences. 

WP7 - Exchanges and capacity building facilitated short-term exchanges and training programmes between European and Chinese research organisations to raise the awareness of cooperation opportunities and ultimately enhance existing collaborations and encourage new partnerships

WP8 - Dissemination and sustainability ran in parallel with the other WPs over the project's lifetime and focussed on maximising the project’s visibility.