Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in EU and China

Focal Point Network

The aim of establishing the Focal Point Network was to identify and develop a User Group of researchers and end users who will support the activities implemented in the EU and China and regularly exchange information and knowledge in order to strengthen the coordination between the ongoing activities.

The Focal Point Network is an informal support network to assist Chinese and European scientists in the field of coordinated animal health and food security research to share information and raise their awareness of cooperation opportunities.

The Focal Point Network Members continue to assist international scientists to:

  • Identify and spread information about the relevant EU and China calls for proposals and other cooperation opportunities;
  • Share the information received through the “monthly alert” (containing news on ongoing initiatives, events, news in the research, etc);
  • Give information on existing partner search tools and techniques;
  • Give information on the European Commission’s e-services and platforms such as CORDIS, animal health clusters, exchange programmes, etc.;
  • Give general advice on legal, administrative and budgetary issues;
  • Direct to the most relevant external support available

Appointed Members of the Focal Point Network:

  1. Nicolas Dandois (DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission)
  2. Jean-Charles Cavitte (DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission)
  3. Daniel Beltran Alcrudo (FAO, LinkTADs coordinator)
  4. Ivancho Naletoski (Joint FAO/IAEA Division)
  5. Guo Fusheng (FAO ECTAD China)
  6. Shuo Li (FAO ECTAD China)
  7. Lihong Liu (SVA)
  8. Julien Cappelle (CIRAD)
  9. Timothée Vergne (RVC)
  10. Jing Zhang (HVRI)
  11. Hua-Ji Qiu (HVRI)
  12. Yafeng Qiu (SHVRI)
  13. Ling Zhao (HZAU)
  14. Aizhen Guo (HZAU)
  15. Ming Zhou (HZAU)
  16. Xinyan Zhai (CADC)
  17. Wang Jing (CADC)
  18. Kang Jingli(CAHEC)
  19. Xin Dong (SPI)
  20. Gabriella Lovasz (EM)