Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in EU and China

LinkTADs funding database

Europa Media

Launched in October 2014, LinkTADs platform has proven to attract a number of international researchers specializing in animal health and food security. It was been visited more than 4500 times over the last year.

The platform offers a number of services for general public and additional ones for registered users. For example, upon registration, users can look for partners, relevant projects and funding opportunities.

The funding database is an innovative tool, designed by EM to help researchers look for available funding covering travel grants, scholarships, exchange programmes, fellowships available for European and Chinese experts working in the veterinary field including animal health and food safety.

The tool currently lists 180 entries collected by EM. Registration on the platform gives the access to this unique database for anyone interested in funds targeting EU-China animal health cooperation, researchers’ mobility and joint collaboration. Users can search by eligible country, grant type and activities funded as well as by inserting relevant key words.

We are now encouraging all international researchers studying animal diseases to register on the LinkTADs platform in order to discover cooperation and funding opportunities within ongoing projects and existing initiatives, and contribute to discussions on scientific achievements, discoveries or existing gaps in order to jointly elaborate new project ideas in the field of veterinary research.

Screenshots from the LinkTADs funding database.